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Dearest Artist

A New Web Series

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When a people does not honor its past, it lives in a present of little substance and faces a future clouded in doubt.

- Yigal Alon  

They Created the Soundtrack of Our Lives

Israel’s short history is filled with holidays and turmoil, happy days as well as hardship that is the inspiration for an incredible number of writers and songs which shaped our collective identity. In each episode, we will focus on one such writer, their life story, and artistic creations in relation to the historic events in the state of Israel.

?What’s on the Screen

A new web series, recorded and edited. Can be embedded on any site or social network. Each episode includes an educational conversation about the artists and singing selected songs from their repertoire. For 15-20 minutes the content also marries together Israeli holidays and important dates on the Jewish calendar. Ready for distribution, each episode separately, or a full season of 12 episodes as a cohesive storyline

Nice to Meet You

ONYC Productions is a New York based production company, focused on music and theater for educational adult content based on Israeli creations and adapting it, as well as making it more accessible to the American and Jewish audiences in Israel and abroad.

Our Digital Media division also specializes in marketing and promoting artistic content in all social media and websites, in English and Hebrew alike.

Claire-Tair and Shir Kaufman, bot graduates of the AMDA College in NY and “Beit-Zvi” acting school in Israel are shining an innovative and creative new light on the people and art that have become the soundtrack of our lives. In addition, they will host additional local and Israeli artists.

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