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I Have No Other Homeland

Now more than ever, we must find the similarities, and understand we are not so different after all, that we can enjoy music and feel connected to the lyrics even if their origin seems far away. There is still much to be done, but we hope it sends a message of hope, peace, and unity.

"Ein Li Eretz Aheret" (אין לי ארץ אחרת) was written by Ehud Manor in response to The War of Attrition in 1967 and lasted over 3 years in which Ehud's younger brother was killed. The song was composed by Korin Alal and was first recorded only in 1986 by Gali Atari, and was regarded as a protest song against many wars and political injustices across the years. Most recently in the 2021 Israeli election.


The song is one of the most well known from Manor and was the title for a book that included many of his other songs and writings, and was voted as the most loved song after Ehud Manor's passing.

On January 13th. 2021, Speaker of The House Nancy Pelosi, quoted lines from the song in English, just a week before the storming on the Capitol in Washington D.C.

Stay with us, and follow our journey into classic Israeli songs as well as current pop hits, Hebrew to English, Integrated.

"Ein Li Eretz Aheret" - אין לי ארץ אחרת

One of the songs we have translated into English is

"Ein Li Eretz Aheret" (אין לי ארץ אחרת) - "I Have No Other Homeland"

which during the current situation in Israel seems more relevant than ever.

We are honored to have received permission from Ofra Manor and Korin Allal to use the lyrics and melody in our project. 
Click to watch below and share this message of resilience and peace.

Original Hebrew Lyrics: Ehud Manor

Original Music: Korin Allal

Translated to English by Claire Tair Harel Ofek

Performed by Adi Kozlovsky-Rees

Video Editing: Rees Productions

Production: Onyc Productions

More Integration Project Music Videos Are Coming Soon...

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